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Can upload pic ok, but can not open pic.

Started by goodwinml, September 24, 2017, 01:13:55 AM

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Originally the forum worked. Now when ever you go to upload a pic it uploads just fine. It gets added as link to open in the post. Have setting set to show pic attachments as a picture. When ever I try to look at a pic by clicking the link I get an error saying program can't open. I have tried many different programs to open, nogo. If I download pic and try to open I get the same error. It's like the pics are getting corrupted on upload. Like I said this used to work just fine. Any help????

I am running 2.0.14


Off the top of my head check this:  repair settings. Understanding where it goes and what it does: What is repair_settings.php? and permissions to your upload folder is correctly set.


Have you edited any .php files lately?    Like index.php?   Make sure you haven't accidentally inserted blank lines in it.

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