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Snrj Galeri Beta 1

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We are still in the process of making our mod ...
smf 2.0 and smf 2.1 are fully compatible with hooks (from site files)

Some features of Snrj Gallery
Resume automatic watemark (logo insertion) in the lower right corner
Resime Voting
Turning the picture on its axis
Convert image format (jpg, png, gif etc ..)
Adding text and setting the position  sample
Resume border additions and settings   sample
Make the image negative   sample
Image grayscale (black and white)   sample
various extra settings such as transparency etc.

Demo =

sample images

google translate :o

Looks interesting, but its not on English.

Nice, keep up the great work! :)

Cool, means I can completely ignore LevGal consequence free as another gallery comes in to replace it :)

Nice work, looks really cool.


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