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Looking for 10 people to use a MOD on their site for a 6 months

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We have just finished BotBanish 2.0 and want a few select people to use the SMF version on their site (free of charge of course). We want to get feedback on what you see that it actually does for your site.

If interested post your request here and also the results of using it.


Can't see the details on since you submitted to mod site/not approved. Also your site link in your sig isn't complete

Perhaps You can explain what the mod is supposed to do? It is not approved yet so your link is not functioning...

ah Ok, BotBanish will monitor your site for bot / spiders / bad users and automatically banish them without user intervention. BotBanish learns the behavior of these things to help stop spamming, fake accounts and brute force login attempts. It will get rid of these bots and stop the resources that they use from being wasted.

Interesting :)


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