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VB3.8 to SMF: Stuck at converting members

Started by peter500, October 30, 2017, 06:41:06 PM

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Well, it was a job to come where I am now.
I have a fresh install of SMF on the same database of the VB and working like a charm.
Deleted a piece of code in the settings.php to get to the next step, converting!
I was happy like a little kid to see the start of the converting, but after an hour watching to a screen with "coverting members..." and no visual growing database I tried refreshing, but without succes. On the SMF no members added.

I have about 8k members, so I had the feeling it could take a while. But like I said, after one hour without anything happening, I think there is something wrong. But what?
No errors, nothing.

Any thoughts?


I tried other converters, tried to change things in convert.php as mentioned in several topics, but no succes.
It just sits there and keeps showing me "converting members".

I am out of ideas...

I would be happy to get the topics alone, the rest is not as important for me.


Just thinking out loud here, while somebody more experienced with convertors answer..
I'd try to increase some of these settings in php.ini:

Edit: Just noticed that VB 3.8 is a way outdated version. Most likely this convertor is not compatible with latest SMF version. May be worth to try to upgrade VB to 4.0 firstly, if possible, and then try to convert to SMF though. Just saying, not really sure if that makes sense, I hope that someone else will answer who has more experience.


Thanks for your help, Dzonny.

I knew it was outdated, I have the vb4 too. But could not get it to work so tried older versions. And it does not work on all vb4.x.x, I only had succes with vbulletinsuite_4-2-2_Patch_Level_6. And used an older version of SMF.
But thanks to breadcrumbs here on the board I got it to work! It got stuck on the forumstats, but that was solved on the new forum itself.

The main problem was a piece of code in the convert.php: SET @@SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE must set to: SET @@MAX_JOIN_SIZE (2 or 3 lines).

Now I must begin with things like changing the rootfolder etc

One question remains:
How do I split the database? As suggested I used 1 database for the conversion. Now I want to get rid of the databasepart of VBulletin. But that step was not a part of the manual.


Glad that you had success at the end! :)

Well, not really sure tables of VB and SMF are in the same database? If so, try to look at the prefix, smf by default use smf_tablename, although prefix can be changed during the installation (not sure which one you used, but you can check for your prefix from your admin panel - server settings). Then you can just remove tables with different prefix and leave SMF prefix there.
I'd highly suggest making a backup before proceeding though, just to be sure that you're safe :)


Ready to jump into this daunting task myself glad to see it has worked for others