Author Topic: [script] move photobucket images to internal hosting  (Read 684 times)

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[script] move photobucket images to internal hosting
« on: November 19, 2017, 01:48:52 PM »
Since my forums most precious content is actually pictures, I am paying Photobucket storage (~20k images uploaded by several users).

Now when photobucket did what I did - my forum looks like a mess.

I've upgraded to custom hosting package 50GB size and enabled forum image upload to avoid similar situations to happen' in future.

Is it possible by any chance to make a script to fetch photobucket images, upload to forum hosting and change links in posts?

Since it's possible to view all those images with hotlink fix chrome extension... Is script which can convert manually post by post every image to attachment doable? I can task, let's say 50 users to do that.
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