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moderation record log or administration record log

Started by Delator, November 19, 2017, 08:05:07 PM

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Hello SMF Support, today I ask for help from you and ask some questions, I am an administrator of an SMF forum whose version used is 2.0.10 and would like to activate the "Moderation Log" feature that according to the description given by the ones developers allows me to see all the actions of moderators and administrators! But when I activate this feature in the central administration I redirect the page to the records where there are two tabs "administration record" and "moderation record", however when selecting them to check the content I am redirected to a blank page! Without any information referred to what should be the! Does anyone know what has been happening and why? What if I could correct this ?!

Thanks in advance for your attention and cooperation! Hugs!


Look for a file called error.log or errorlog. Or something like that in your forum root directory

That should tell you what is causing the issue of the white screen of death.

Also, what mods do you have installed?

And you really should upgrade soon... you are 4, almost 5 versions behind... including security releases

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Hello, I checked the error logs when selecting the page, but no error appears related to this page :/

maybe the solution is to even update the forum, but I'm afraid there are bugs and loss of files during the transition, this forum has some critical bugs!

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Do you have access to your server's logs? If logging is functioning normally, the error log will have a clearer error message for every blank screen you get.
Could you post that error message?

Are there any errors in your forum's error log?

From your screenshots I gather you have some mods installed as well, could you post a list of installed mods ( specifically at least one's that alter the admin side of things. )

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