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I'm new user of SMF i'm try to find Lao language but not found but only thai which is almost the same language like Lao. i'm here really like to support to translate into Lao. does anyone could tell me how to create Lao language pack to download for SMF.

can I translate from thai and save its file?

Here is a link

Easy way is to take a base language files and translate them to your native language.

I've submmit the forum request and so what is next?

Wait to hear back. But I would suggest you can start doing the translation that share it in this forum when done

Hi sonexay!

I'm so good to hear that. and I'm Thai people.

You can translate Thai to Lao language by your self.

change from index.thai-utf8.php to index.lao-utf8.php file.

and open index.lao-utf8.php file, edit below:

--- Code: ---$txt['lang_locale'] = 'lo_LA';
$txt['lang_dictionary'] = 'lo';
$txt['lang_spelling'] = 'lao';
--- End code ---

and change *.thai-utf8.php to *.lao-utf8.php all files in languages folder.

ex: Settings.thai-utf8.php change to Settings.lao-utf8.php

PS: if you have any question, just you tell me...


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