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Hi SMF while deciding which e-forum to engage I found that I'll need two parallel boards with same topis one for members and other for guests ... I have asked for info also on ElkArte so just to skip again explaining here is a link from the discussion

I am also searching way how to integrate for the guests board Voice2Text api

and finally I'll need upwote/downvote member moderation ... is it here possible to use some of these options soon?


Something like this ?

Thanks SaltedWeb for Your quick reply ...

exactly clone board, but they need to be side by side as two columns layout, so members could wright in the first and guests in the second, both visible to all, altho its clever if the second one can be used by the members too but as chat room where there will be more space for street talk ...


--- Quote from: SaltedWeb on January 04, 2018, 10:02:09 PM ---Something like this ?

--- End quote ---

probably combination from that mod and this theme would do the trick;basic_search=kahnefan

after only thing that will left is hide/unhide button for the second parallel forum or board whathever is easier to be done ...

Not knowing myself what SMF version you are running those mods may or may not work.
I would suggest highly making a backup of your SMF and DB before trying to emulate these.
Hope it works out for you.


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