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SMF to BBPress attachment migration help ? or better SMF to WPForo ?


there is a script, that is said to convert the SMF attachments to the Wordpress based BBPress Forum
GD Attachment plugin:

The script to convert the attachments is here:

But is has some bugs, especially the " sign is wrong, so this must be fixed and it seems it misses
some comparison code...

Has anybody already fixed this code, so we can import the attachments from SMF also into BBPress
gd-bbpress-attachments plugin so they will display under BBPress ?

Well, I really want to move from SMF to WPForo and as there are no direct importer scripts, I must go the route from SMF to BBPress
As BBPress has a good converter from SMF for all the text postings and boards migration already build in , it only still needs a script to get all the attchements over to BBPress...

If I have then a working BBPress with Attachments, there is then a converter from WPForo to move from BBPress to WPForo including attachments...

Have somebody looked deeper into this and found a working solution for it ?

Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

You should be asking this question to BBPress or WPForo staff.


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