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YouTube - clip feed in post ?


I embed YT clips etc with the "Yet another.." mod

What I am hoping is possible would be to have a  topic/thread called, say, "GSX1440 videos"

In that there would be a random YT clip embedded from a search with the keyword GSX1400

Ideally it would refresh every day, either by replacing that in the original post, or posting the next video into another post in that thread.

Hopefully that conveys what I want to do,.

Does anyone have ideas / suggestions as to how this could be done?

(or its impossible).

You can use the youtube api

Thanks but I'm not sure how I'd actually make that into a workable 'thing' in SMF ?

It would have to be coded. You would need to hire a developer.

Ah well, since the forum costs rather than makes money - "screw that!"

Thanks  :) 


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