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When you like to test smf2.1,
than you got the best exprience when you use the github version.
Since you need to move some stuff etc. i provide a ready to use packages,
which get generated twice of the day:

Also in this version it's important when you provide bugs,
which "version" you use ther for you find a file in the root called "last_commit_<version>" exp: last_commit_de7e49,
so when you open a bug/issue/request provide this number or even better update first to last version.

-- Added https links

Minor issue i fixed in the last hours,
the build process was running to often and
the version number got only 6 characters, should be 7 -> fixed

With the version you can look into this link:
to see how much commits/changes are between this version and github version.

Todo this even more easier i added in the last_commit_<version> a url which leads your directly to the version comparison
for exp:

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
Cool. :)

Indeed cool! thanks!

Since i'm not able to update the start topic,
i would like to hint that you can get the download by https too.

Maybe a mod could change this.


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