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Creating a resource area.

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I am creating an area where I am reviewing certain websites and looking for a good way to use SMF to do it.
There would be several hundred sites along with details to the sites.
Something along a resource library I have seen other paid software have like a resource area and trying to think
how to do that the easiest way possible and without a huge amount of editing to add content,

Any one with ideas appreciated.

I have Simple Portal, Tidy Boards and ultimate menu as the only mods I have that can create areas
outside of the obvious built in features of SMF.

Link directory mod?

Hmmm that might work,  I spent the other day cruising thru the mod list, so many cool items for SMF.
Of course my brain didnt remember this one. I'll take a run in my test forum see if it will work for it
Thank You.

I think the exact title is smf links

Yes that is it, I installed it, I think with a little tweaking I can make it work for
what I need,  mean I could just make a page and html it but anything that saves time is good.
Think this is what I needed.
Appreciate the help.



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