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Wrapping long titles


Jeff B:
I'm working on making my site more responsive. I'm using the curve responsive mod. I'm trying to tweak a few things. I'm finding that in my recent posts page as well as some of the topics, in mobile view the long subject is blowing the format.

What can I do to wrap that subject into two lines? It tries to, and it looks like there is a character limit, but its just breaking, not wrapping.

Here is a screen shot to demonstrate.

Jeff B:
This might show better what is happening

Jeff B:
Okay, looks like something else was the culprit. One thing leads to anudder eh?

I'm having the same issue with titles. What's the solution, Jeff? I can't figure it out.

Jeff B:
In my case it was another mod that added additional links above the post to other topics.  I disabled that and the page stretch went away. It wasn't something I needed or I would have turned the element off in my mobile css file.


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