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Themes caused mixed-content over SSL https

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 :) I have also need so long time to get https half way working, but still need help.

Themes/Reseller/images/expand.gif caused mixed-content and the https SSL-Icon is not green. Yes, only because this small gif is loaded.

The source code show: srcCollapsed: smf_images_url + '/expand.gif',
Have try to delete this from the BoardIndex.template.php "srcCollapsed: smf_images_url + '/expand.gif'," but than the index-page, forum is down.

The same error comes when I change to the default SMF themes. Thank you.

I get all times the same results, with Reseller or the default SMF themes:

Your webserver is forcing the use of SSL.

Your SSL Certificate is installed correctly.

Mixed Content - Errors:

An image with an insecure url of "http://.........../expand.gif" was loaded on line: 749.
This URL will need to be updated to use a secure URL for your padlock to return.

My question is: How can I get rid of this Collapsed/expand the header Menu ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Did you run Repair_settings.php, and change all your URL's to https ?

Thanks for your replay.

Yes, I have used the Repair_settings.php, but this one is not changed.  :(

Somewhere in one SMF file there is a string for this "expand.gif", but where?
I just need to convert thisstring to https and I'm sure that the developer know where the string is.

Firefox show this also:
Loading mixed (insecure) display content “/images/expand.gif” on a secure page
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the error indicates that the images URL for your theme is not correctly set to https


--- Quote from: Kindred on February 14, 2018, 03:29:01 PM ---the error indicates that the images URL for your theme is not correctly set to https

--- End quote ---

As I said, yes...


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