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Help with PM's?

Started by Thread Killer, February 15, 2018, 04:32:53 PM

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Thread Killer

As a web forum owner, I try and follow guidelines and rules, I have searched this site, I have gone here and tried all 3:

Welcome to the SMF Online Manual
Simple Machines Forum aims to provide you with the best support our small all-volunteer team can provide. We have developed a 4-step process to help you find the answers you need.
Step 1: Search the documentation
Step 2: Check the FAQs
Step 3: Browse the Online Manual

Step 4: Still can not find it? Ask at the Community Forum

And here I am, and looking at all the sections, I still cant even figure out where someone is supposed to post the question I want to ask?

So my apologies in advance for not posting in the right area and I hope someone can help.

Members on my site keep posting they are trying to send a member a PM and I quote...I tried messaging u, but your inbox is full..  I have gone into admin and looked for something regarding PM and "fullness", but I cant find Richard!

Hope someone understands what I am asking and can help the IT incompetent!


find the group the user is in ,in the admin panel, when you edit the group you will see where the limit is set. you can now increase the limit to a higher number.

Thread Killer

Thanks, it is just regular members, I think I got into a section I have never been in...And made the correct adjustment...is this screen shot the area you were talking about?

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

In the future, please don't do multiple posts about the same issue. It makes it harder for everyone.

Re: question about PM limits

Seeing that the other one is solved, and was basically about the same thing - I'll just mark this solved as well.
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Thread Killer

I do not recall starting 2, so I cant even explain the 2nd thread.