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I am missing a function where I can have more logging.

Some administrator on my board has entered a very bad CENSOR WORD combination
in Aadmin>Posts and Topics> Censored Words

How can I see who has entered that?

Ask them?

This is unlikely to become a normal feature, but you can implement it yourself easily enough.

In Sources/ManagePosts.php, find:

--- Code: --- // Set the new arrays and settings in the database.
$updates = array(
'censor_vulgar' => implode("\n", $censored_vulgar),
'censor_proper' => implode("\n", $censored_proper),
'censorWholeWord' => empty($_POST['censorWholeWord']) ? '0' : '1',
'censorIgnoreCase' => empty($_POST['censorIgnoreCase']) ? '0' : '1',

--- End code ---

After that, add:

--- Code: --- logAction('update_censor', array(), 'admin');

--- End code ---

Or, if you want the log to contain a verbose record of what the censor was set to:

--- Code: --- logAction('update_censor', $updates, 'admin');

--- End code ---

Note: I have not tested this. See signature for my guarantee policy.


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