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Subs-Auth question about session array, and more on login forms....

Started by drewactual, February 25, 2018, 01:08:39 AM

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i've continued to have sessions timeout issues even with the suggested alterations to login forms, AND the mod intended to remedy it...

while filtering through the subs-auth file i found this, and no- i don't think it has anything to do with the problem above, but.... is it supposed to be this way?

I've never touched this file before... i mean, i've looked at it but never altered anything in it:
$_SESSION['mc'] = array(
'time' => time(),
// This looks a bit funny but protects against the login redirect.
'id' => $user_info['id'] && $user_info['name'] ? $user_info['id'] : 0,
// If you change the format of 'gq' and/or 'bq' make sure to adjust 'can_mod' in Load.php.
'gq' => $group_query,
'bq' => $board_query,
'ap' => boardsAllowedTo('approve_posts'),
'mb' => $boards_mod,
'mq' => $mod_query,

should not "  'ap' => boardsAllowedTo('approve_posts'),  " be "  'ap' => $boardsAllowedTo('approve_posts'), "  ?

and, again not that i think this is a part of the issue, but.... the login had to be fixed in SSI... I didn't realize that until tonight, and hope i've fixed that issue....

I'm very curious about the array above though.... can someone fill me in?

edited to add:  I went ahead and cashed that line, and immediately started seeing errors indicating it- so.... un-cashed it... error's stopped....

what does it do and where is it called?


looking through the source of SMF, it should be boardsAllowedTo and not with the $.