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How to disable button Expand / Collapse

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How to disable button Expand / Collapse from my forum? My template is blue color.. I want to hide the button.

d3vcho - edited to avoid unnecesary capitals

Rock Lee:
I'm not sure but one option would be to go to Administration Center » Themes and Layout » Manage and Install and see if it's activated "Enable collapsible additional post options:" ... What is the forum URL? to see if there is a modification of the theme template to get it out.


also, please do not shout.

I don't find the option to not show expand/collapse button to Information center sector.

Rock Lee:
I do not know if it's correct but if the theme is Blue Color by SMF Tricks you have to edit in your BoardIndex.template on the line 283 you have to comment / remove:

--- Code: ---<img class="icon" id="upshrink_ic" src="', $settings['images_url'], '/collapse.gif" alt="*" title="', $txt['upshrink_description'], '" style="display: none;" />
--- End code ---

before it makes backup copies.



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