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So there seems to be something else going on with SMF. I have a topic that had just hit the second page. Which means my post made the second page of that topic. When that happened some weird crap started to happen and I did get database errors. Those errors did stop until I started to post in the topic again. So that is what I am doing now. So step by step:

I just now went to the second page of my topic. I posted a reply by using the reply button, not quick reply. After I pressed post, I was not redirected back to the topic I was redirect to the middle of the first page. But, the page indicator shows I am on page 2 when page 1 is in fact showing. When I click on page one I get a error in the admin panel:

--- Code: ---Undefined offset: 0  /******/******f/public_html/Sources/Display.php (Line 1001
--- End code ---
Now I had to go into the admin panel to get that error message. So when I come back to that topic and try to go to page two I get this:

--- Quote ---Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (page_id)
--- End quote ---

I think I may have a few more errors now. Page 1 does not show at all and there is no "All" link on the page.

Here is a database error:

Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (page_id)
Function: Display                  /*******/******/public_html/Sources/Display.php (Line 919

The page does sort itself out eventually and you can see all pages and all topics but for a bit it goes real weird. I hope this makes sense to people, lol. Or some one can re-create it.

Since you got a github account,
it would be better to open issue direrctly here:

i was able to reproduce this,
will be get fixed later this day i guess.

Ok I just copy and pasted it over there. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's a real issue or not so instead of buggin ya's over there I like posting here. in case it's not a real issue. I'll try posting over there from now on I guess, lol. Just don't wanna bug ya's that's all.

That fix worked on my site, thanks everyone.


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