Author Topic: Where can I learn about passing a php value from 'SMF' to 'index.template.php'?  (Read 111 times)

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I'm aware of;

I would be able to create a master switch that will end up in 'Modification Settings - Miscellanous', using two languages and maybe make use Load.php to load a .js file. For the latter I'm not sure yet, since my modification won't work without a unique div element for it, but my question is;

The only way to turn on or off my modification -without- flickering, is by using echo '<div id="', $modification-variable ,'"></div>', where this would be a simple 'on' or 'off', no integers, but literal text. Could someone please explain with a few words or where do I have to look or read a manual to learn how to pass a variable to an php echo inside a index.template.php?
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