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Regular Members can delete their messages, even if disabled in permissions

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I recently noticed something strange: under the Permissions of the Regular Members the setting is Delete posts is off for both Own post and Any post.

But somehow Regular Members are stil able to delete their own posts, so against the settings in the Permissions.

Am I missing something, is there something that I don't understand, or what else is happening here?

For the rest everything is working as it should, and the forum is up-to-date (version 2.0.15).

have you enabled permissions for post count groups? if so check the permissions that are granted there.

No, there are no post count groups (as far as I know).

The existing groups are the standard ones: Guests, Regular Members, Administrator, Global Moderator and Moderator.

post count groups always exist, so please check for the permissions on them.

Take a look in Maintenance > Reports > Board Permissions


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