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Can SMF handle a very large vB 3.8.x forum conversion?

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I run a very large forum, 1.2 million threads, 19.4 million posts and 290,000+ members.

I want to update the software to something more up to date.
Would SMF be able to handle a forum this big?
What issues would a forum of this size run in to with SMF if any?

Not sure.
That's a massive forum alright - what's the subject matter?

The biggest SMF forum I am on has

2,460,171 Posts
117,381 Topics
9,021 members.

but I know there are numerous bigger ones out there.

No doubt someone will come along to provide an accurate answer.

Yes I have known a couple forums with over 10 million posts

Make sure you ask to join the big boards group as well. there is many ways to optimize your SMF forum.

Looking at that list that vbgamer45 posted I would say yes, Smf handles large forums with ease.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
Yes, should be doable. Mine is (only) around 3 million posts and running smoothly.


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