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Automatically get DropBox images to show using Share link....


In Sources/Subs.php, find this line:

--- Code: (Find) ---$data = strtr($data, array('<br>' => ''));
--- End code ---
and replace it with this line:

--- Code: (Replace) ---$data = strtr($data, array('<br>' => '', '' => ''));
--- End code ---
You must do this twice!

Now using images from your DropBox account is easier than ever!  You don't need to change the share link at all in order to show the image!

Rock Lee:
You did not publish a mod on it already? -my memory starts to fail or I see the future :P- although it gives me ideas to apply other things ... Very good tip @dougiefresh


It's too small to be a mod and wouldn't be approved by the Customization Team.....  Other small mods have been rejected by them, and they advised to post on the Tips and Tricks board.  So that's what I did....


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