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I'm thinking of creating a forum with the following features ...


Mountain Valleys:
The ability to browse, post threads and replies to threads, and embed pictures and videos into posts, for free, with or without an account.
The ability to pin a thread for up to 20 minutes, for free, with or without an account.
The ability to receive and give upvotes, but not downvotes, for free, with an account.
The ability to purchase an upgraded account allowing for private messaging with other members, an @thenamaeoftheforum email address, the ability to pin a thread for longer than 20 minutes, up to 5 hours, and the ability to access a private member's forum.
The ability to purchase a modship allowing for the ability to report posts to the administrator, to create subforums on the forum, to pin a thread for longer than 5 hours, up to 20 days, and to access a private moderator's forum.
No extra abilities held by the mods being permitted for non-mod paying members, non-paying members and non-member posters, no extra abilities held by paying members being permitted for non-paying members or non-member posters, etc ...

Would it be possible to create an smf forum with the above features in the current version of smf?
If not, can it be made possible in smf 2.1?
Thank you.

Any of the time based features would be custom development that would require some code and design that feature.

All of those features are available as it is by just using the permission system- no mod needed. The only things would be like vbgamer said; would be the ability for posts to be pinned for a specific amount of time by membergroup. That feature doesn't exist (afaik) and would need to be custom coded.

I'm not sure the ability to have members make their own sub forums really exists either- without also giving those members a lot of other permissions they shouldn't have. There are other options like allowing them to have their own blogging or articles system which I'm pretty sure could be categorized into sub forums-

You can also search the mod site for portals which have blogs and articles already included.

Re the OP - this arrangement sounds awfully complex!

Whatever your reasons are just remember that a key to success is:
Make it easy for your users to understand and intuitive to use.



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