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There is a 3/4 year old thread about this that recommends.

Right off the bat I am thinking, it's been up there all this time and I am the schlub who thinks the installation "instructions" are useless? Obviously it's me, right? But what I am saying below is still true.

The instructions are opaque to me and make unstated assumptions about what I know about installing an SMF mod. The unzipped download contains 8 files. There are no instructions on where and when to upload those 8 files - and that confusion is compounded further down in the so-called "installation instructions." 

The instructions list three steps, "file edit", "code" and "file operations" with an unlabeled, non-working check box next to each title. What is the purpose of a non-labeled, non-working check box???? Or is it just an unfortunate choice of graphic bullet??? Please don't tell me I'm the first noob to think it's a check box?

The first step, if I understand what I am reading, tells me to insert a line of code in ./Themes/default/BoardIndex.template.php BEFORE the code that controls the Info Center. Does that make sense? Before the code?

The second step "code" list the name of one of the 8 files. "ICAP.hooks.php This file should be able to execute standalone."

According to the instructions,  (or lack of any instruction about what to do with these 8 files) that file is still sitting on my desktop. Where is the "instruction" for where that file is supposed to be on the server?

Further, why is a file name listed under code? It's a file, not code. And of what use is the "stand alone" regarding installation instructions? Am I supposed to do or not do something based on that? Does that information mean anything to my installation or is it just noise?

Finally, the File Operations says:

Move the included file "ICAP.english.php" to "./Themes/default/languages".
Move the included file "ICAP.subs.php" to "./Sources".

How did those get from my desktop to that directory on my server and why were those put there in the first place instead of the two new destinations?

Surely, someone reading this will think I am trolling but I swear I am not. This is one of the most inadequate set of "instructions" I have ever seen in 35 years of dealing with this stuff. I am not that smart, but I'm not stupid either.

Sincerely, I am asking someone to help me figure out how to make this mod work in 2.0.15.

(BTW - how is it a 3rd party can post mods and themes but not offer a link to them so I could ask these questions directly to the source without ranting at the whole world?)

Save the mod package installation file (it will usually have the suffix ‘.zip’ or ‘.gz’) to your desktop computer and then use the SMF Package Manager to:
1.  Upload the mod package installation file from your desktop computer to your SMF forum; and
2.  Install the mod package.

It should work with 2.0.15 as well.

Sir Osis of Liver:

At the top -

--- Code: ---
function template_info_center()
global $context, $settings, $options, $txt, $scripturl, $modSettings, $user_info;

// Here's where the "Info Center" starts...
echo '
<span class="clear upperframe"><span></span></span>
<div class="roundframe"><div class="innerframe">

--- End code ---

At the bottom -

--- Code: ---
// ]]></script>';

--- End code ---

Don't forget the curly brackets.

it can easier in /default/BoardIndex.template.php

find aroud line 272

--- Code: --- template_info_center();

--- End code ---

replace by

--- Code: --- if($context['user']['is_admin'])

--- End code ---



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