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Error: Time offset

Started by Juan Carlos, April 18, 2018, 12:24:48 PM

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There is a pr https://github.com/SimpleMachines/SMF2.1/pull/4740
which i hope get merge in the next time.
when this is merge we got a new function to get more information out of the error log,
but you hat to update your smf (please look at the changes in install/update files) then.


Did any of the scheduled tasks run at that time?
Address the process rather than the outcome.  Then, the outcome becomes more likely.   - Fripp

Juan Carlos

No, no task at that time.
As I mentioned, the only thing that happened at that precise moment was a simple message
Juan Carlos


Since the improved error logging got merge,
i recommand that you upgrade your board to the newer github version,
like mention before look at the database changes which you need to apply on your forum.

Juan Carlos


I suppose that doing the upgrade from the last version of the github those changes in the database will be done automatically. correct?
Juan Carlos


or not...

we don't build upgraders for use between nightly builds...  by using a beta,/nightly, you have assumed all the responsibility for manually making necessary update changes and have implied that you have the capability to do so.
Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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When you use the nightly download from me,
you find a file in your root directory last_commit_<github-version>

in this file you get a url where you can do a comparsion between your version and the github version:

Let's guess that you got a1f315d then the url looks so:

When you open this url,
switch the view to Files changes and scroll down to "other/upgrade_2-1_mysql.sql"
ther you find the changes:

ALTER TABLE {$db_prefix}log_error
ADD COLUMN backtrace varchar(10000) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

got to you phpmyadmin (or any other sql command line tool) and run the command(you had to replace {$db_prefix} with your smf replace typical it's smf_) -> you are down

Juan Carlos


I think these changes are already there.
I downloaded the latest version and added that column to the database.
Now we wait for the error to be reproduced
Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos

Just now the error (590)has appeared again.
I attach the screens with the backtrace
Juan Carlos


Thanks for the backtrace,
the issue in your board is the createNotifybackground task.
Which is created when for example mention someone or you notify on replay is enabled (and some other cases).
Please try this pr: https://github.com/SimpleMachines/SMF2.1/pull/4754

Juan Carlos


I already made the changes and will continue monitoring.

thanks, a lot of work
Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos


The error is still there.

I attach the new screens
Juan Carlos


In my eyes the error is not a differen one,
but i try to guess the issue and fixed this also in the pr.
Please try the new version of the pr.