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Need help ro try to recover my Forum


I try to explain everything carefully :

My Forum runs on a CentOS 6.4 Virtual Server (VMWare VSphere 5.5)

Last week, one of the datastore disks started to fail. It held the mailserver and the Forum as well as a test website (Joomla).

As soon as the warning of impending failure occurred, I made a copy of ALL the SQL databases on the server and a Backup of the GroupWise Mail Server. Within minutes of the copies finishing, the drive just kicked up its heels and died!

I put in a new drive, recreated the datastore and I copied all the databases back again and re-installed the same CentOS 6.4 server.

So, the question is, is there any way to recover my Forum with only a copy of the database using to newly installed Server?

I was planning on moving it to a new CentOS 7 Server, but fortunately the problem occurred before we did that. 

do you have the version you were running?  do you know the mods that were installed? how about the theme?

you should be able to install a clean version of SMF to whichever version you were running, and have it back up pretty quick.  depending on how customized it was with themes and mods may slow you down while trying to get it to look right... but... you shouldn't have any problem pointing to the database.  at worst, you may need to run repair settings.

It's more or less what I was thinking. Glad to know it will work. I would hate to spend hours trying to put it together only to find that I'd been wasting my time!



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