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Attachments, how to handle old files and growing number of them

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My site's been running SMF for years now and I've accumulated around 6GB of attachments over the past 8+ years. How do you guys handle attachments, do you delete after a certain age or just let them be?

NB: I have attachments set up over multiple directories, creating a new one generally every 1.5GB to keep them manageable.

6gb doesn't seem like a ton. Is it many files? I would keep them if you have the space otherwise breaks user experience.

Around 30.000 files in 4 directories. Don't think this is any kind of issue technically, just wondered if everyone kept their attachments.

That's a very good question... 

My host's policies are that it does full backups & incrementals thru your first 10GB, only weekly full backups after 10GB, and **NO** backups if you grow past 20GB.  Although you don't get charged for the extra usage, you lose features. 

We have recently blown past the 10GB point, and I don't like the fact that I've lost my incrementals. 

I don't want to purge old attachments, because many of the oldest attachments at this point aren't available elsewhere (old gear manuals, documentation, in some cases legacy software) at least not all in one place like our forum.  It'd be a shame to purge 'em. 

So...  I've been considering using an online backup feature, such as Amazon Glacier, Backblaze or JungleDisk.  And not relying on my host at all.  Still thinking it thru at the moment. 

You know, my PC I'm sitting at right now has ~2.5TB of storage total...  Kinda ridiculous to be worrying about 10GB...    ::)

Get a better host?

I have 100gb of storage space on my host


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