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Caching Issues 2.0.15 Nginx


I have SMF on a dedicated server with Nginx, PHP 7.1 and memcached installed, all is working ok except SMF isn't picking up memcahed.

The reason I installed memcached is that the file caching with SMF was causing loads of issues where changes were made and an admin had to clear the cache before the changes showed up so I assumed memcached would help here instead of SMF's file caching.

I have caching disabled now on the forum and memcached installed but I can't seem to figure out how to get:

1) memcached to work with SMF
2) fix the caching issue

Any help or recommendations greatly appreciated.

It's not detected?
If it is detected you need to enter the memcached ip address which is normally or localhost if it's on the same server

Have already done that, how will I know if it's working after entering the server ip address?

You can see connections to memcahe or watch the open connections with memcahced. I think there is a php script for it that you can use to monitor

I see the memcached process popping up every now and then, will look at a script to see whats going on. Thanks.


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