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Installing SMF 2.1 Beta 3 over 2.0.15

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Will the large upgrade work for installing over a 2.0.15 forum, or do I have to go full install?

The upgrade will work & preserve all your setups as best as possible. 

An install won't work - the upgrader moves your data to the new 2.1 datastructure.  Without those steps, very bad things will happen. 

I strongly suggest using 2.1 beta 4 - i.e., the current github version.  2.1 beta 3 is pretty far out of date at this point. 

The preferred method of doing the upgrade:
 1) Back everything up...
 2) Delete all folders & files except:
        - attachments
        - avatars
        - smileys
        - custom_avatar    (<= make sure your custom avatar folder uses this name!)
        - any mod-specific folders for mods you want to keep, if you have any (e.g., /downloads)
        - Settings.php
  3) Extract the latest & greatest from github on top of the remaining 2.0 files & folders above
  4) Copy all the files named upgrade*.* from the /other to your forum root folder
  5) Run upgrade.php in your forum root; some folks use ftp, but I simply use the browser, works fine

When you're done, don't forget to disable things like notification-related scheduled tasks in your test environment, or your production users might see icky test data. 

Do NOT do this in a production environment yet.  Test 2.1 safely in a test environment. 

Some theme developers like keeping the Themes folder around, too. 

Hope this helps,

Thanks that helps! Where exactly is the 2.1 beta 4 on github, is there a link to a zip of it there?

This topic here shows you an easy way to get to it:

Simplifies the process above a bit.   Check it out!

Thanks again. I am now doing so!

I might as well ask one more question since you're being so helpful.

How do you see a timeline for a 2.1 release? Is it a matter of months or a matter of years ahead at this point?


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