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Can anyone tell me where the css code is to change what is in red in the screenshot.

That should be in the main css file. Tried using the inspector already? There's a lot of different elements in that entire area.

I have been using the inspector in FF to help me in changing things but for some reason I can not nail this area down. I know it is broke up into a few different css edits but whatever I try to change there is no effect. Would it help to change anything in the minified css files. I have noticed a few of them in there. ??

Well, what exactly are you trying to change?

And no, you should never edit the minified file, your changes in it will be rewritten.

That's what I thought so I never touch them. What I am trying to do is change the red area to the same color as the wrapper. I changed it to rgba so I could get a bit of colored transparentsy...if that's a word and makes sense. I just can't seem to get it. I even tried to do it inline which I know is wrong but it still did not change that area.


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