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Strange 'Theme Directory Error' message


At the top of the forum this has suddenly appeared (I've only just noticed it today)

--- Quote ---The default theme's directory is wrong. Please correct it by clicking this text.
--- End quote ---
(on a full width field with pink background, so its hard to miss)

I've not made ANY changes so there is no way that I know of that the directory would have changed.

When I do click on it, it takes me to the Help Theme Settings - SMF Default Theme - Curve

settings are as follows:

--- Quote ---This theme's URL:
This theme's images URL:
This theme's directory:  /home3/gsxowner/public_html/forum/Themes/default
--- End quote ---

These are in line with the defaults, are they not?

So can anyone tell me why that error message is appearing, and what I can do about it?


take a look at What is repair_settings.php?, it shows you all themes paths/urls, which you can compare to see if they are correct.

repair setting appears to have fixed it...

it had /home3 in the folder tree rather than /home

I have no idea why - but that's now been corrected and touch wood it's fixed now !



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