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Curiosity, who is using 2.1 Live?

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--- Quote from: Gwenwyfar on June 20, 2018, 11:02:17 AM ---If by live you mean not on localhost then yes. It is only a test zone however.

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Your's or do you and Justyne run the same site(s)?

@Arantor, I have seen Bigguys site. Thank you

Is there a 2.1 feature set guide anywhere which would provide details as to what specifically has been added to that version that is different than the  feature set in 2.0.15. There's a lot of talk about mods having been added as default features to 2.1 and no longer needing actual specific mods for specific functionality.


Justyne and I run the heavily modded site. There are literally tens of thousands of changed lines of code, and it has a DzinerStudio theme ported over to it from the 2.0 version.


--- Quote from: njtweb on June 20, 2018, 11:19:47 AM ---
Your's or do you and Justyne run the same site(s)?

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It is my own site. I run the latest git version on it for testing. It will eventually be replaced with a heavily modified version of my own, but it is an entirely separate project from Arantor and Justyne's and I'm waiting for the final 2.1 version to begin.

We’re just nuts... Arantor’s rewritten half the code and we might end up replacing the rest too before we’re done. Specialist use case that’s complicated.


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