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Members waiting for approval - no hint on starting page anymore

Started by JessyKa, June 25, 2018, 08:47:49 AM

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I could not find an according thread so I open this new one.

We just upgraded from 1.1.19 to 2.0.x
Members are approved by the admins.

Anything works fine but one thing:
we were used to having the notification about members waiting for approval just at the starting page where the member information is listed (who was online today, who is online right now...).
We miss this feature allthough there is the notification email, which works fine.

Checked on different themes, no visual hint that there is a new unapproved member.

Any ideas what we mus change to see this feature again?


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Actually, there should still be a notification visible for admins.
What theme are you using?

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Sir Osis of Liver

Yes, that's a basic feature in most themes, though it may be in different places.  Do you see it in Curve?
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when you upgrades, did you, perhaps, try to keep using your old 1.1.x theme?

(hint: you can't do that. 1.1.x themes will not run well (if at all) on 2.0.x)

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Hello and thanks for the feedback.

No, we did not keep the 1.1.x theme.
We use "Gaming nation" as a new default theme.
But I also tested the effect with curve theme and the notification for new members is not there also.
That's why I put the question here.


It's there in an unmodified Curve (see attachment)

I would wonder if there are mods installed that might affect this.


or if the theme author removed it... some authors do remote it. was it present on this theme in the past?


Arrgh, you are right. In using the curve theme it is there!!! I was so focused on searching it on the bottom information block so I oversaw it in the top.

That was important. Now I know that the standard theme is lacking this feature and I can try to resolve it.

Thanks for your hint!


I don't know what theme you were using for 1.1.x but all of the themes that ship with 1.1.x (Babylon, Classic YaBB SE and Core) all have the information in the same place.


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