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Posts in topic - sort newest last?

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I've just done an upgrade on my test forum from 2.1b3 to 2.1b4.

My threads show the latest post at the top (first post in the thread).
I want it to be chronological, so that the most recent post is the LAST in the thread.

I can't find this setting anywhere, and would appreciate if someone could point me to the right place :)


in your profile -> look and layout Show most recent posts at the top in topic view.

same spot the same setting is in SMF 2.0.

How can I make it a universal setting, which cannot be changed by users?

Or at least a forum default setting?

same way you would in SMF 2.0, change the settings in themes and layout -> member options.

Please see attachment. I do NOT have the 'show newest posts first' ticked in either screen (guests/new or existing).
And yet as the other attachment shows, that's how it is displaying.

What am I missing?


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