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Spammers from ''?

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Lately the spammers that get onto my forum show their domain as some variations of ***

For example the lastest one's info showed up as:

IP:    0    

Avast's supposed to be antivirus/etc. but these are spammers. What is up with that?

what's an actual full example?

Try running it through this as see what it says:

The OP gave a full example, and the IP is owned by Avast.

I wonder if they have some kind of proxy product.

Yeah I must have been asleep when I posted that, sorry.

Do you actually use Avast yourself?

This MAY be relevant (not they scam, but the site compromise)

As an aside the forum seems to have a lot of example as top why NOT to use AVAST

Oh, they're using SMF too :).


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