Trying to submit a large mod failing (upload restarts)

Started by Ian Wild, July 04, 2018, 07:45:22 AM

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Ian Wild

Hi all,

I'm trying to submit a new mod - a math notation editor I've been discussing in this thread. The zip file itself is huge (standing at 51Mb - it uses the fMath editor which contains it's own themes, fonts, etc... creating math notation isn't easy :o ) and as I try to upload it the mod submission page keeps resetting :(.

So firstly I was wondering if 51Mb for a mod is going to be too big anyway and, if not, if there was some way around my resetting issue: for example, I could split the ZIP file into multiple parts?

Thanks in advance.


It's far too big for a mod, there are multiple ways this can fail, not least that most hosts limit the upload to 8MB or similar.

The only other mod I've seen that had a similar size problem broke the mod into two packages, one for the core and one for an additional 10MB of resources which were uploaded directly to the server, bypassing the package manager.

Ian Wild

Thanks for your message - and that's kinda what I was thinking :(

I could break the mod into two: one part is the core mod and the other the notation editor, which is the big 50Mb bit that you would have to install on the server separately. Would that be acceptable?

So you would have:

1) The core mod, which I would submit to the mod site.
2) The fMath editor code, which can be downloaded separately and copied onto the server.

Obviously I can have the mod display a warning if the fMath editor isn't installed.

What do you think?


As long as it's clearly explained, I can't imagine it would be a problem. Though I'm not an official rep of the team for such things, though I personally would be fine with it.

Ian Wild

I've split the package and submitted it to the mod site here:

Hopefully that's acceptable :D

Thanks again!


Unfortunately I'm not a team member and thus cannot see it, but I have faith it will be :)


The Customization Team will be looking at it as soon as they get a chance. :)
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