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Q re how themes work in 2.1 please

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At the outset I am going to say that I assume the answers are "Yes, they do" and "yes".

Do the themes in 2.1 work in the same way as 2.0.x ?

That is, do forum modifications need to be installed in each theme separately?

Depends on the modification.

Ah yes, well I suppose it does depend whether the mod makes any changes to the theme files eh !  :)

That's what I was getting at ;).

and I don't suppose there's any EASY way to know.

It'd be either run it and see what the 'test' install shows OR
go through the manually parsing changes to see what files are touched  (and know what files relate to themes)

It's be good if mod authors could state whether their mods touch theme files. Maybe an idea for the future in the mods section?


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