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Social login has become common to every forum. Why don't we make it an inbuilt function of smf 2.1? The most common logins through google, facebook and twitter can be made by default part of it. Just a suggestion.

I would suggest it's because it opens potential security vulnerabilities, and that the primary focus is on making the forum stable with a few 'nice to have' basics (likes, mentions etc)

For 2.0.x There is already a mod - social login - that is excellent for what you are looking to achieve.

I'd be VERY surprised if oneall (the software mob) don't keep it updated to be SMF 2.1 compatible.  I'm confident they will.

The other reason to NOT have a unique smf-only solution is that the system oneall has allows people to use the same log in for multiple forums and websites.

Please note that I am in no way connected with oneall. Personally I'm getting rid of my social and tapatalk mods altogether.


Actually the reason isn’t security, it’s maintainability. The social providers change their APIs regularly, which means you’ll have to update your forum more often, assuming the devs have time to keep up with the changes (remember, they’re volunteers doing this in their spare time, not paid to look after it full time)

I for one, wouldn't use SMF if it came with a social sites login option out of the box. Even if I had the option to disable it, I would still switch platforms.

Ah so you’re never, ever going to any of the paid platforms, nor to Discourse. Nor using Moodle for that matter.


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