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So you want to make a theme (or you already made one!) and want to submit it to the theme site. All themes submitted to the theme site will first go through a review process before they receive an approved status and are shown in searches. If a problem is found during the review, you will be asked to fix it before proceeding. Here's how to get your theme ready:

Theme guidelines
Take some time to get acquainted with the guidelines outlined here. Your theme will have to comply with them.

Required folders

* css: This folder should have all your custom css files.
* images: Images folder containing all images used by your theme.
* scripts: This is where you can add theme.js to add any custom js, or you may add your own files.
* languages: This should contain the Settings.english.php file, which is where you can edit the description for your theme. You can include other language files for your theme here, but english should always be available. If you are using any custom strings, these can be added in ThemeStrings.english.php. This file will be loaded when ['require_theme_strings'] is set to true.
Required files

* theme_info.xml: This file contains data about your theme. You can download a template below. (More about theme_info.xml)
* license.txt: This file should contain license information for your theme, and any other licensed work you have used in your theme (ex: images). For help with choosing a license, see the wiki page on Customization Licenses and this topic. You can use any license you want to, or write your own license.
* images/thumbnail.gif: A preview thumbnail of your theme. Preferably, you should use the same size as the default thumbnail.
* index.php: A copy of the default file.

And finally, once you have made your theme, time to package it! For the theme to install correctly, you should package only the root files and folders. Compress it into a .zip or .tar.gz file and it's ready to go. If you package is inside a main folder, your theme will not work.

To submit your theme, simply go to the theme site and post a new theme.

If you have any questions about the approval process or about the guidelines, you can ask here or send a PM to someone in the customization team.

Ok, I am asking here. :D

I know traditionally we are supposed to have all HTML validate for theme submissions, but these days we have all sorts of HTML5 grooviness available.

This groovy new stuff doesn't validate with the 2.0.x transitional doctype, but it does actually work, and it does give theme authors and users some handy new things. Just as one obvious example: placeholder text for inputs. It's useful, and it won't break anything, but it's not actually valid HTML if the doctype is transitional.   

So, are the infamous Purple Peeps cool with theme authors deliberating breaking 2.0.x validation to incorporate HTML5 elements that will not bork functionality or layout, and will provide useful enhancements for users?

Diego Andrés:
Just change the doctype to html5 in index.template.php
would be !DOCTYPE html I think

Lol. There's a problem with that. A lot of the HTML for 2.0.x doesn't validate with an HTML5 doctype. ;)

Diego Andrés:
That's odd because there's already many html5 themes on the theme site.
I remember a few years ago I didn't encounter any validation errors while using html5, not sure


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