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fMath Math Notation Editor wrapper mod

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Ian Wild:
Link to Mod

This mod is a wrapper for the fMath editor, discussed in the SMF community here and also here.

Because the fMath editor has such a large footprint (because it ships with a theming engine, fonts, graphics, etc) I have split the package into a wrapper which I am submitting here and the editor itself, which is available from GitHub at [nofollow]. Documentation for both this wrapper and the editor is also available on GitHub:

fMath wrapper mod documentation [nofollow]
fMath editor installation guide [nofollow]

Please log any bugs or issues at the relevant GitHub Issues pages.

Latest version (1.1.1) contains Spanish language translation, courtesy of Rock Lee

Study Force:
Congratulations on your mod...

Ian Wild:
Thanks :-) And thank you for helping too.

I think the next stage for this work is to take a look at an editor that will appear in the button box rather than be a pop up (which on mobile devices is a bit nasty). I've been thinking about having some way of learning about LaTeX typesetting for math and am still wondering if MathQuill [nofollow] is the best way to go.

Study Force:
MathQuill would be perfect and its very forward thinking as to where you should take this mod

Rock Lee:
Very good in Mod I have used it in several places that I had to put together and that is updated I think it's great... I leave the translations to Latin Spanish! :D



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