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How to access newly created threads

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As a normal user, how can I access and only see the newly created threads under a board using a direct URL?

For example:;board=1.0 shows me all the unread posts, but I would like to see only the latest created threads (sorted by recently created)

Thank you for your help!



And you should really upgrade. 1.1 is officially not supported any more.

I don’t think that’s what he means.

He wants the messageindex view, but showing the threads sorted by creation date, decending.

However, I don’t think it’s possible, out of the box...   that information is not exposed and therefore not sortable on the messageindex screen. And there is no url defined which does that sort/display

Not sure if there are any mods that do it, either

SMF does not have threads, SMF has topics.

the information the OP has provided does not in anyway show that they are using SMF 1.1.

i am not sure by default you can do what you want. i believe with RSS feeds you can.

I am using Watch Board when logged in but it's showing all the topics+posts, I would like to see only newly created topics since last visit or sorted by creation date.

Thank you!


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