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Sir Osis of Liver:
Forum upgraded from 1.1.18 -> 2.0.15, long time member can't see post history in his Profile.  Screenshot shows 'Profile Info' menu is not displayed.  Checking permissions, he's in 'Hero Member' post count membergroup, no primary membergroup, no additional groups.  'Inherit permissions' for this group is set to 'No - Use Unique Permissions'.  'Hero member' has 4 permissions in group listing, only two are checked in permissions listing (view attachments, post attachments). 

--- Quote ---Show previous posts of this person does not show in my profile page. Okay, here is what I have discovered. This is happening when using Chrome, Mozilla, but it will show in Safari.

--- End quote ---

How is he able to post with no permissions?

How can permissions be different in different browsers?

So go to his profile while logged in as an admin, to Show Permissions and see what he has. You know just fine that he will be in the Registered Members group for permissions as well as his post count group.

Sir Osis of Liver:
He has permission from Regular Members to 'View profile summary and stats - Any profile', but doesn't see the menu.  His screenshot has 'Modify Profile' as top menu.

Maybe I'll hack into his account and see what he's seeing.

Maybe you have a dodgy mod somewhere.

Sir Osis of Liver:
Don't think so, it's a clean install with these mods -

1. Stop Forum Spam 1.0
2. Responsive Curve 1.0.0
3. The Rules 1.3   
4. Resize Attached Images

Error log is clean (except for user errors), server log is clean.  Big database (1gb), posts go back to 2006, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it.  Apparently this problem was noticed after upgrade.  Odd that it shows up in some browsers, not others.


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