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No, you were not rude, don't worry :)

I tested your original fix and it works, so for now I will not mess with the new stuff, I will try to push them a bit, so they would take a look at this issue.

Perhaps you would like to propose a commit at Github?

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I am a bit confused about that commit actually, as that should never be empty I think. It should be a predefined member option.
Just thinkin "out loud" , I may be wrong too....
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I'm not a computer person, but I want to say THANK YOU to Virginia Z for working to fix our forum!!

Tomas very generously volunteered to put together a new forum for our group of about 100 homeschool families. After all the hours of work he gave, on top of members time in learning to navigate it, and all the hopes we had for using it, it would have be a big loss for us to accept letting it go. We can't use it, though, if we're not getting other members' posts.

Thank you, again, for your time and work to fix our forum glitch. Our families will be grateful for years to come, as we are better able to communicate, working together in our homeschool endeavors!