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I want to convert my smf forum into file sharing website. i just want to upload files and a search bar to search and download. anyone can help me?


However - if you don't want a forum -- WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU USE A FORUM SOFTWARE?!

Us the proper tool for the task.
If you want a forum with a file manager/download system - then great...
if you don't want the forum -- then get a file manager web tool, not a forum script forced into being somethiong that its not

in some cases no need to write details information. that is why asking for a direct file sharing mod.

If you don't want a forum, why are you trying to turn a forum into a file sharing mod?

That's like trying to turn a blog into a calendar, it's not really going to work. Just get a file sharing script already.

Study Force:
I agree with the two responses above. Most file-sharing modifications built for SMF are built poorly without the functionality you'd want in a file-sharing website. Take, for example, the file sharing mod added to my website (link below), I worked endlessly to modify it as best as I could, but the search functionality is still very limited. I'd find a dedicated file-sharing software if that's your main focus


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