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Is there anyone out there who could make a video mod? which lets users upload videos to your site and place it into a specify category. if that is not possible then have just in the admin area a place where you can post links yourself from your server.

Doesent need a comment section, just the video player itself.

all i can find is embed from popular websites.

I have a paid gallery system which has a video upload system built into it

Client side demo at

thanks! I will check it out.


--- Quote from: xRated on October 15, 2018, 12:47:07 PM ---thanks! I will check it out.

--- End quote ---

Or a free one here that Arantor very kindly attached to this post.

I use it on a couple of my sites, works well.

I think vbgamer's might have the edge when it comes to serving video because I chose to enforce protections on files - which makes video performance kinda lame at times.


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