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There is a possibility that I may take over a XenForo site.

In case this does happen, I'd much prefer to convert it to SMF
1. Because that's what I'm used to; and
2. Because XenForo costs money I don't have.

It appears to be a current / recent version of XenForo in use (2.0 or even 2.1)

I looked at the list of converters here:
and cannot find any converter for XenForo listed there. :(

XenForo seems reasonably widely used, so I'd have thought a converter would be available ?

In order to achieve a conversion (by whatever means may be suggested) what files/ directories would I need to obtain from the current forum owners?


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
At the very least I would think you need a database dump and all user content (attachments, avatars and some such if any). Would not hurt to have copies of the source files too just in case.


and what would be the conversion process? Is there a converter available that would work?

I don't know of a convertor.

If you can grab a hold of a database dump, maybe someone can take a look at it ;).


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