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Many errors per second in Sub.php

Started by Tazzo, December 13, 2018, 12:40:51 PM

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Hello All,

Please excuse me if my question is a silly one and I'm overlooking something obvious. I'm new to setting up message boards and such things.

I've set up a SMF board (2.0.15) using the core theme.

The error log fills rapidly. Apparently this is in the Sub.php file and seems to be on multiple lines, different each time.

I have 7.0 php

Best wishes, Tom


you are on php 7.2 not php 7.0. you need to downgrade to php 7.1 or lower.


Hi There,

Thank you for your response.

I have it set on 7.0 PHP in my host settings but I only did that a couple of hours ago. Perhaps it takes time to take effect?

Many thanks, Tom

Sir Osis of Liver

Shouldn't take couple of hours.  On some hosts cpanel will display incorrect php version.  If forum is running, look in Admin -> Support and Cedits, if not run phpinfo.
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Hi Guys,

I emailed the tech peeps and they set the PHP version to 7.1 for me and the errors have stopped.
I'm grateful for your advice.

Best wishes,