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Recent posts max display width external images

Started by iso, February 16, 2019, 09:52:36 PM

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the forum settins for max display width of posted or attached images don't work in view recent posts.
Within the post it's correct (500x500px): https://foobar-users.de/index.php?topic=5129.msg26375#msg26375

But it isn't in recent posts: https://foobar-users.de/index.php?action=recent


Hey, can at least someone confirm this issue? Should I open a github request? Or is this not a bug?

Thanks in advance.


the second link I did not see anything

.bbc_img.resized {
    height: auto;
    width: 500px;


Move to the third recent page, you will see that the images located in the post on page 3 are not resized. In the meantime the post is not at the first page anymore but the issue is the same. Forum setting for max width of external images do not resize the images within the recent posts view.

Just try it by yourself with the default theme. Is it a feature ?  ???



The setting should work only inside posts, because that's what it says it does, but looks like that page was missed, it should have been included as well. I'll need to look at the files to see what needs to be changed, I don't have them at hand now.
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