How to translate english mambo into chinese?

Started by yesman123, November 14, 2005, 12:31:14 AM

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i am new to 汉化. i was wondering if anyone could show me the methods...

PS: did anyone translate the mambo quiz component com_quiz06 into chinese? i installed it in my chinese mambo, but when i clicked it, it gave an error: invalid cetegory parameter...(also it could not find simplified_chinese and therefore it went to english)...


basically i was wondering how to 汉化 any php script system.


you'll have better luck asking the question here

how to translate depends on the software.


thanks, i just did...i like the frontpage layout of the menu items appear in the middle with links to articles...i guess i need to ask for some information about it on the site...


Do you have interest in translating the smf help file, the main smf language file I have translated, you check double check it for us, if you have time, hope you can help to translate the help file , please contact me, thanks.


i am not good at translation at all...all i wanted was the steps in translating a php cms system or a forum...that is, do i need to add some lines on top of each php script, is there some kind of coding with which i need to replace certain english words in each script, etc...


Not that I know of for SMF.  SMF is completely internationalised.  You just unpack the language pack at root, preferably before installation.


i know, i already have the chinese version of smf running (also the english version)...i just wanted to know how to 汉化 in general (the steps) do you replace the english words? that is, using what coding etc...can you just copy and paste the chinese words in the script...


if the php software you're translating have language file, open it you'll probably find something like
$txt[4] = 'Boards';

$txt[4] is the variable, you shouldn't be changing that. Boards is the string you want to translate.

some other have this kind of language file,
@define('CONTROL_PANEL', 'Control Panel');

@define() is the function, CONTROL_PANEL is the constant, and Control Panel is the string you want to translate.

it's easy to pick out which string you shouldn't be touching, note CONTROL_PANEL is all cap and no space.


thanks, then you just replace 'boards' with the chinese character '板块'?


right, but like i said, it all depends on what php software.
ask the devs about it, and most have documenation online about how to translate.


thanks, i will first try to translate the quiz component of mambo...